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Great Whites in the gulf!!!

It's that time of year where the great white sharks start to make thier migration south from the Gulf of Mexico around the Florida Keys and up through the Carolinas. There were several making thier way south that can be followed on O search website. The good news is that the water is warming up and the visibility is starting to shape up. Visibility has been hit or miss since the begining of the year. In 60 ft we now have 10-25 ft depending if you go north or south of John's Pass. It seems like the loop current is getting closer which cleans our waters up through April and May. Water temps are in the low to mid 60's and a reverse thermocline the deeper you go, with temps in the high 50's. The water is heating up and it's time to start diving. Do not wait to get your gear checked or sign up for classes. We already are booked through April with classesd and starting to get backed up on gear.

happy diving!!

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