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Water is heating up and the Visibility starting to improve!!!!

Spring time is approaching and the time to start getting ready is now. The visibility is starting to shape up from these winter time blows. The time to check out your gear is now, not the day you want to use it. For those who need to knock the cob webs off , you can join us with one of our classes. Our annual spring fling will be March 26. You can join in by calling the shop. LETS GET THIS SEASON STARTED RIGHT!!!


3 degrees!!!! Getting Better

Water temp was 61 degrees and Visibility was nearly Top to Bottom from 60 foot to 100ft.


50+ foot of visibility

The weather looks perfect for the weekend. Visibility has been improving and in 90 ft of water there was 50 plus foot of vis. The pool has been phenomenal also with over 100ft of vis.. There are plenty of hogfish from 50- 75 ft and don't forget the slipper lobster. Good luck this weekend ; we will be back in the springs for some dive training. Remember Amberjack are open through the end of the month.


Gearing up for LOBSTER SEASON!!! Scallop season initial reports!

With Sportman season getting ready to start July 26 and 27th of 2023 ; we are in full blown summer mode. The 2 day season is set to start on the last Wed and Thur of this month. There have been several reports of the tasty crusteaseans in the shallow waters off of Monroe county. Make sure to check local laws at to know what you can and cannot do. The scallop season has started off slow; However there are alot of quarter size scallops this year. If you are going please leave the small scallops alone. The meat you get from them isn't worth the harvest. If you can wait a month or so; These creatures will grow to a harvestable size. The visibility is starting to deteriorate out in the gulf thanks to the warm temps and rain . We are seeing the vis in 40 ft at 5-15 and at 100ft it is 10-0 foot. Yes that is 0 ft depending on what direction you run. At least with the warm water we don't mind the vis as much. Looking forward to this month ahead and making sure everyone is ready for the trip South.


Great Whites in the gulf!!!

It's that time of year where the great white sharks start to make thier migration south from the Gulf of Mexico around the Florida Keys and up through the Carolinas. There were several making thier way south that can be followed on O search website. The good news is that the water is warming up and the visibility is starting to shape up. Visibility has been hit or miss since the begining of the year. In 60 ft we now have 10-25 ft depending if you go north or south of John's Pass. It seems like the loop current is getting closer which cleans our waters up through April and May. Water temps are in the low to mid 60's and a reverse thermocline the deeper you go, with temps in the high 50's. The water is heating up and it's time to start diving. Do not wait to get your gear checked or sign up for classes. We already are booked through April with classesd and starting to get backed up on gear. happy diving!!


It was fun while it lasted!

After this last weeks cold front visibility went from 40+ foot in the Gulf to less than a foot. With warmer temps and calmer weather over the next several weeks; it should improve. The east coast is still 70 degrees and vis is 40-60 ft. This weekend is looking more and more like a cool 72 degrees and crystal clear water. If you havn't checked out Blue grotto in Williston Fl yet you should get on thier website and check out what it's like and the rules before diving it. We will see you out there.


It's officially the start of lobster season.

Lobster season officially starts today Aug 6. After mini season it looks like a great year to be a diver. There is plenty of bugs spread throughout the Gulf and Atlantic. Those of you not having great luck on the bugs might want to look on the Atlantic side in about 5-35 ft of water. During the 2 day lobster days it was a little too rough to get on that side; so the lobster will be thick. Out in front of John's pass we have had limited visibility out to 100 ft (5 foot) Up off Hernando county the visibility gets better out in 60 foot (top to bottom) as the waters start to cool and the loop current moves closer to shore our visibility around here will start to clean up. Blue Grotto has an alage bloom but we still have 40 foot of vis and of course Rainbow river is clean with over 100 foot vis. when the tubers are not stirring it up. Good luck this weekend on opening day.


Last Call.

With this weeks blistering cold front the red tide has subsided for now. The weather brought rough and cold conditions to Florida. Water temps. have dropped to 62 degrees and vis. is 10ft in 60ft. This weekend is the last one for gag grouper in the gulf until September. With water temps. dropping on the gulf side the East coast is better in terms of vis. and temps. We are looking foward to the 2023 diving season.


Memorial Day

This weekend looks to be one of the best all year. With water temps. in the high 70's and low 80's depending on where you are on the Westcoast of Florida. The weather is looking great on Sunday and Monday!! Water visibility has varried; In 45ft South of the channel we have had nearly top to bottom vis and North of the channel up towards Clearwater FL we have had 15-30 ft in 60ft of water. The Whale sharks have been off of Anna Marie Island in 165ft and starting thier way North; for those that don't know it is roughly 60 miles offshore. Have a great Memorial day weekend and we will see you all Wednesday.


Mini Season Success!

It has been a successful mini lobster season so far. Plenty of bugs in less than 5 ft of water; So the younger generation of lobster can get a good start on catching them. Regular season for lobster starts Aug 6. The visibility off John's Pass has been hit or miss. The best visibility seems to be in 50-60 ft of water where it has been 25 foot. This weekend looks like the one we have all been waiting for!!! We have a few mesh bags left for your snorkel gear and they double as a lobster bag.


Red Snapper and Scallops

Summer is definantly in full swing and plenty to keep us all busy over the next several months. Red snapper season opens this Friday and there are plenty of them around in depths from 80 - 130ft with plenty of big red grouper to fill the box. The Whale Sharks have also made a few apperances due west of John's Pass. The Pasco scallop season will start on July 1st and there dosn't appear to be a shortage this year up off Anclote. Visibility off JP has been typical for summer with 5-15 ft in depths of 30-65ft. Clearwater up to Anclote has been a little better with visibility being 10-20ft in the same depths. The Vis. isn't as good but at least the water finally hit the 80 degree mark. If you really want to see then the springs have been crystal clear. Hopefully this weather this weekend will calm down so we all can get out.


Red Tide is back!!!!

Unfortuatley red tide has reared it's ugly head south of John's Pass. If you are looking for visibility go North off of Clearwater. The water has been top to bottom in almost any depth North of Clearwater. The water temp's have ranged from 66-70 depending on how far North you go. It looks like the last weekend of above stellar conditions!!! Enjoy it while it lasts. There are plenty of gag grouper and hogfish in 30-70ft. good luck this weekend.

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