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Scallop season opens in Pasco July 1st!!!

Scallop season starts this weekend out of Pasco. Check with for all the updated info and regions. Red snapper season started a little windy on opening week; However this past week produced several fish in the 18-20 lb range and was calm for most of the weekend. If you are struggling to find fish, start looking in the depths from 110-140. The scallops should be plentyful from the initial reports start looking in 2-10ft of water. If we get alot of rain over the next few weeks they will be in a little deeper depths. Also it depends on the tides on how deep it is. Back when scallops didn't have a season or limit we could wade in 1ft of water and get them. The springs and river are still clear and feel quite refreshing at 72 degrees. If you do go to any of the springs or rivers, make sure to arrive early because of all the people.

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