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Thank You Ian

We hope everyone made it through Hurricane Ian ok. Our neighbours 50 miles south of us did not fair so well. We have been doing relief runs since last friday helping out where we can and teaching classes at the rivers and springs. So just as the Gulf started to clean up we now have a few weeks before we will expierence fall time conditions (clean water). For the springs both Rainbow river and Devils den have been clean and less crowded without the tubers. Blue Grotto as of Sunday 10/02/22 was closed because the visibility was zero. We will be back in the pool this weekend, taking more supplies down south on Tuesday and we will be back up North doing our dives. We will give a vis report as it clears up. Red snapper opens on the weekends starting Oct 8-9th (check for more info) also stone crab season is approaching on Oct 15.

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