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Visibility is starting to shape up after the hurricane.

The vis. has started improving this week after hurricane Nicole. The vis on Sat 11/17/2022 was less than a foot from 30ft-70ft. On Tuesday it had cleaned up to 10 ft of vis. in 60ft and a very little better in 75. With a hard east wind this week we will see the vis . get better closer to shore quicker. The water tempratures are dropping; So depending on how well you take the cold water, you may need to use a 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm depending on your tolerence. Our black friday sale starts through next Monday 11/28/2022 with code black22. This code can be used for gift certificates and 20% off. This means for a $200 gift cert you will get it for $160 or a $500 one for $400. We will be closed for Thanksgiving; however you can shop at anytime.

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